Blog 2.5 - Your Answer, Please


Who is Charlie Van Doren?

Looking at the Spheres of Influence above (and the definitions of those below)

  • Self = Identity: "the ability to see the good, recognize the bad, and work on both" (Hailey Johnson)
  • Context = The space and time a person occupies
  • Culture = The stories a society tells itself (through stories, music, movies, media)
  • Meta-Narrative = The labels we give ourselves to define ourselves within the world

Walk me through Charlie’s connection to each of these using a well developed paragraph for each — 4 PARAGRAPHS total— moving from the outside in (Meta-Narrative to Self).  For each paragraph, 

  • Topic Sentence — What factors create this in Charlie’s life?
  • Evidence from the Movie — What details help him to confirm it?
  • Contrast from the Movie — What character makes Charlie reflect on this issue?
  • Conclusion —Was this circumstance singular to Charlie, or are they universal (is it something you deal with on a smaller scale?)


Charlie would see himself as _____________________ because ___________________.  When he is offered the opportunity to become ____________________, Al Friedman says “__________________” and makes Charlie think about ___________________.  Al and Dan contrast Charlie’s life; while Charlie ________________, they ________________, making him think about ______________________.  When all is said an done, Charlie’s dilemma is no different than when I ________________.  Because I want _________________, I find myself__________________, which creates __________________

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