Blog 2.4 - Weight of the World

Who Makes the Call?

Having just read Shooting and Elephant, think about the Spheres of Influence above

  • Self = Identity: "the ability to see the good, recognize the bad, and work on both" (Hailey Johnson)
  • Context = The space and time a person occupies
  • Culture = The stories a society tells itself (through stories, music, movies, media)
  • Meta-Narrative = The labels we give ourselves to define ourselves within the world

Using evidence from the story, walk through each of these levels and answer the following two questions:

  • Is the elephant a real problem or is it a symbol of something much larger?
  • Who makes the decision to shoot the elephant: the self or the other spheres?

Make sure, rather than just answering the questions, you support your ideas with facts, detail, and interpretation.  In addition, read this story, and see if you can make any connections.

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