Blog 1.6 — Making Connections (Comparison-Contrast)

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     With a partner, read 1 John 1.  As you do, mark (in a notebook) its similarities to the cave — I will want to see them.  Then, also with a partner, write a comparative OCI Response answering the following prompt:

“What are the similarities and differences between these two stories?”

       In your response, (put both names on the assignment so I know to whom I should give credit) 

  • Start with Summary of the Story (discuss a major image, perhaps -- or a theme)
  • After introducing, you should be largely comparative (comparison-contrast),and for your third part (what's the significance?), you should come up with an analogy (this is like, just like _________, that can be seen when).
  • As a reminder: Rule of 3 requires you to use examples, followed by details (comparison-contrast, cause and effect) from the story.  This will be a relatively long paragraph.

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